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"The Stoneybatter & Smithfield People’s History Project commissioned Nekane Orkaizagirre to design a poster commemorating the 100th anniversary of a notorious incident that happened in our neighbourhood.

The British army came into the district and massacred over a dozen civilians in what became known as the North King Street massacre. One appalling aspect of the massacre was that many of the victims were buried by British soldiers under the floorboards of abandoned buildings and their bodies were not discovered until weeks later.

Given the passage of time and the multitude of events that occurred in Ireland at that time in our history, this terrible event had become somewhat forgotten. So we asked Nekane to design a poster that would reflect the details of the event but also show that the victims of this awful massacre were both loved and remembered. Our idea was to display this poster around the neighbourhood in advance of the anniversary to get people talking about it and also use it to then promote an event in which we planned to unveil a plaque in memory of the victims.

Nekane’s work exceeded all of our expectations. She listened intently to the specification we had given her and designed a wonderfully unique poster that evoked all aspects of the message we wished to convey. She delivered the project in advance of the timeframe requested giving us plenty of time to display the poster throughout the neighbourhood.

Given the unique design it became a huge topic of discussion locally and hundreds of people came out on the day for our memorial event. The poster has since been framed by many households and local businesses in the area and continues to be displayed prominently.

We have no hesitation in warmly recommending Nekane for her unique design talent and her commitment to working collaboratively with a community based project. We wish her well in her new enterprise."